Saorview is Ireland's new Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service. It’s a new Digital TV signal that will replace the old analogue TV service that you received through a TV Aerial. In Ireland, this will be known as Saorview. It will still be received through a TV Aerial (UHF type) but the pictures will be much clearer and eventually all channels will be broadcast in Digital HD.

SAORVIEW plans to offer the best Irish television – free for everyone
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Saorview means Free View
Saor is the Irish for free. Put it together and you get Free View or View for Free. Freeview with is the UK version of Saorview. Basically Saorview is a Free Digital TV service for Ireland, once off payment for the Saorview box or saorview Tv and no more subscription fees after that.
Some households will need a new TV aerial or need to adjust their existing aerial to receive SAORVIEW
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Viewers used to receiving analogue television through an aerial will notice crystal clear pictures and great sound quality on SAORVIEW. In addition, SAORVIEW will offer High Definition (HD) pictures and sound. HD television provides exceptionally clear, sharp pictures with vivid colours and up to five times more detail than standard definition.
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